Bespoke service and repair contracts

At Twisted Audio we understand that keeping your equipment up and running is crucial to your commercial success. This is why we offer bespoke service and repair contracts to complement our sound and lighting installations. Just as we recognise that everybody’s business is different, so is the level of service we provide: opt for anything from a regular maintenance schedule to a 24-hour call-out service.

Whatever the level of cover you request, you’ll find that our service and repair contracts come with three big advantages.

1. Free up your time to focus on your business

When you have a service and repair contract with Twisted Audio, you’ll realise how much time you wasted BC (before contract). Regular maintenance with us will maximise the uptime of your equipment and reduce the likelihood of those heartsink moments when you’ve got a scrum of guests outside your club and a malfunctioning sound system inside. And you’ll always have our number on your speed dial for emergencies, so you’ll be spared the frustration of ringing around to get help at your time of greatest need.

In a nutshell, our service and repair contracts free you to do what you’re really good at: run your business.

2. More predictable cash flow

Without knowing when your system is about to go down and how badly it’s going to malfunction, you can’t ever be fully able to plan for it financially. Unless you have a repair contract with 24-hour call out cover, that is. Just think: our contracts give you the peace of mind of knowing exactly what you need to pay each month, and you’ll never have to dig deep into your pockets at the worst possible moment.

Not only are Twisted Audio experts at installing scalable sound and lighting systems to fit your budget, we can apply the same principles to your service and repair contract.

3. Personalised service and rapid response

One of the great unknowns inherent in picking a repair service from the Internet is that you’re never quite sure what kind of experience awaits you. If you love our equipment and our installation service, it’s a certainty you’ll also approve of our provisions for maintenance and troubleshooting. We have inside-out knowledge of the equipment we recommend, so we’ll get to the bottom of any issues with speed and efficiency.

Don’t overlook the fact that it’s also a big relief to hear a friendly, familiar voice when you’re stressed out by those inevitable moments of downtime.

To take us up on the offer of service and repair with a unique twist, call us on 07967 663268 or fill out our contact form