Staging & Rigging Hire

Staging and rigging are essential factors in creating a wonderful experience for your guests

Staging and rigging are essential factors in creating a wonderful experience for your guests, and something it’s all too easy to get wrong. Put an artist or speaker on a stage that creaks with every move, and you’ll spoil the performance for those closest to the stage. Mount your speaker system so that you create acoustic dead spots and you’ll have unhappy guests and performers.

Twisted Audio’s expert team know that staging and rigging is one of the cornerstones of your event, and we’ll help you get it right first time. Our inventory includes reliable, top-quality equipment chosen by us to complement our sound and lighting systems. And if you’re looking for bespoke solutions, however non-standard, we’ll source those for you, too.

Prolyte Stage DEX System

At Twisted Audio, we work with Prolyte because their Stage DEX system fits perfectly with our ethos of scalability. It’s far and away the best system we know for building stages to suit any size of event, whether that’s a small party stage, a stage with straight, curved or sloping catwalks, or an epic, multi-level construction. The lightweight aluminium frame is easy to handle, and comes with a plywood top specially attached to damp vibration and noise: finish the whole thing off with any of Prolyte’s extensive range of accessories and you’re good to go.

Rigging and Hardware

When you hire one of our Void party or dance packages, we’ll fit it using the company’s own rigging and hardware. With such sleek and stylish sound systems it’s a crime to compromise on the installation’s looks by using a non-native rig. The type of event and your choice of venue will dictate the exact configuration you need, but with Twisted Audio you’ll always get fantastic looks as well as stupendous sound.

Bespoke Staging and Rigging Solutions

Our team specialises in solutions for events as far out of the ordinary as your imagination dictates, so let your vision and our expertise combine to create something unique. Twisted Audio’s experienced team have the contacts and know-how to supply you with any feasible rigging and staging solution, however non-standard. If you need complex acoustic structures, stage machinery, automated rigging and control systems, we can help.

Get in touch with us now to find out how we can give your event a unique twist.