Nightclub Audio, Visual Services

DJ Equipment Hire

Tried and trusted industry standard decks, multimedia players and mixers lie at the heart of Twisted Audio’s DJ equipment hire packages.

Professional Services

Whenever your event demands more than just the right equipment, Twisted Audio’s complete range of professional services is at your disposal.

Lighting and Special Effects Hire

Get the lighting and the mood just right and you’ll turn a good event into an unforgettable experience.

Sound Hire

At Twisted Audio our live sound and PA system hire packages are built around the most powerful and innovative equipment on the market.

Events and Festivals

Do you want your chosen venue to become a captivating spectacle of light and sound? Of course you do. That’s why you’re thinking of working with Twisted Audio.

Staging & Rigging Hire

Staging and rigging are essential factors in creating a wonderful experience for your guests, and something it’s all too easy to get wrong.

Void Acoustic Sales

Twisted Audio is proud to partner with Void Acoustics and a repertoire of other cutting-edge brand names to offer sales as well as hire.