Event Production, Lighting Installation, Sound Installation

Twisted Audio’s complete range of professional services is at your disposal

Whenever your event demands more than just the right equipment, Twisted Audio’s complete range of professional services is at your disposal. Here’s an introduction to our typical range of activities, but because our professional services are tailored to your requirements, it’s impossible to capture their full scope on one page. The best way to get a flavour for the way we work is to call us on 07967 663268 to discuss your particular needs.

Event Production Services

Giving your event a unique twist is where we excel. Let us know your budget and our experienced team will use their know-how and imagination to create a singular concept to fit your brief. Because we love it when a plan comes together, we’ll co-ordinate every last detail to make sure each element is in its place and good to go.

Over twenty years of industry experience is our guarantee that your event will run as smoothly as silk. And Twisted Audio’s creative vision is our guarantee that your guests will have an unforgettable experience. Whether you know exactly what you want or just have a vague notion, our expertise can help you bring even your wildest imaginings to life.

Lighting Installation

Great lighting turns an enjoyable event into something unforgettable. Take the first step towards lighting your event by talking to us about your needs. We’ll use our detailed technical and product knowledge to recommend the right equipment at a price you can afford. Our inventory includes LED lighting, pixel panels and batons, intelligent lighting, follow spots, disco lighting and much more.

But equipment is just part of the equation: our lighting specialists really come into their own when they’re installing lighting as part of a complete system. One of our bespoke lighting installations will enhance your chosen venue, music and decoration and help you create exactly the right mood. If you want to make your event stand out from the crowd, you need to talk to us about lighting.

Sound Installation

lightingAt Twisted Audio, our unparalleled knowledge of sound technology gives us the edge when selecting the right system for your event: that’s why we work with renowned brand names such as Void Acoustics, Powersoft and Pioneer. Not only that, we have the contacts and know-how to ensure that you’ll get the highest possible levels of installation and support. Each kind of performance comes with its own demands, and our wide experience means we’re ideally placed to meet them all.

Your success is our success, so we’ll always go that extra mile to give your audience an amazing time, and relieve you of stress and worry. If you’re planning an event on an epic scale, no problem: we’ve worked with some of the UK’s most prominent clubs and festivals. But we want to hear from you even if your budget is more modest: we’ve brought our unique twist to many smaller events.

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