DMX Lighting, Laser and Special FX Hire

Lighting technology is a fast-evolving field offering a huge range of possibilities

Get the lighting and the mood just right and you’ll turn a good event into an unforgettable experience. Twisted Audio’s expertise is at your disposal to help you do just that. Whatever the challenges presented by your venue, if you can describe the atmosphere you want to create, we’ll provide exactly what you need to impress your guests, keep them safe, and make your event run like clockwork.

To help you get a feel for what we do, here’s a brief overview of our lighting services.

Event Lighting Hire

Some of our clients know exactly the lighting fixtures they need to create the right ambience for their event, and others approach us with only the vaguest of concepts. Whichever category you fall into, Twisted Audio can help. Lighting technology is a fast-evolving field offering a huge range of possibilities, and our expertise will help you decide which equipment best suits your venue and your specifications.

Laser Hire

Give your guests a breathtaking laser show and make your party or festival a talking point for weeks on end. Let your imagination run riot and Twisted Audio will supply you with the laser system you need to realise your vision, all powered by a laptop equipped with the latest software. If you’ve seen a laser effect at another event and want to replicate it or go one better, just describe it to us and we’ll advise you on the right equipment to hire.

LED Uplighting Hire

Uplights are a simple, cost effective way of transforming even a plain venue into an atmospheric space. They simply project beams of coloured light up any vertical surface, producing indirect illumination that creates the perfect ambience for parties, dinners or wedding receptions. The diffuse nature of LED uplighting makes photography straightforward, and you can vary the colour scheme between day and evening, even programming the lights to fade or flash.

Not only that, LED lighting can be used both indoors and outdoors. Choose it when you want to create a whole new after dark personality for the outside of your venue.

Special FX Hire

For a truly immersive experience, special effects are a must-have. Twisted Audio can supply the equipment you need to produce effects on any scale, from a small indoor party to an outdoor festival. Whether you prefer to stick with tried-and-tested crowd pleasers or want to design a completely unique spectacle, we’ll supply everything necessary to make it happen.

CO2 Hire

If you want to thrill or chill your guests with spectacular CO2 jets, Twisted Audio can help. We stock Force FX jets, hoses and accessories, a robust brand suitable for installation or touring. Our experts can customise CO2 effects to your venue and event, creating large- or small-scale plumes and clouds.

Impressive though they are, lighting and special effects are just tools. What gives them the power to set the right mood is the creative imagination behind their use. This is where Twisted Audio excels.

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